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New Speech from Anne-Marie Slaughter: Hot Spots & Blind Spots

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Ukraine, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Israel. What’s happening in the world’s hot spots and where are things headed? What are people missing? Anne-Marie Slaughter explains that many factors and trends, which are critical in causing or resolving the crises, are being ignored or distorted. 

Dr. Slaughter will offer your audience a comprehensive view of global risks. She examines the trouble spots from a geopolitical perspective and uses “a networks and flows analysis,” focusing on people, trade, energy, climate, and information technology. While many use one model or the other, she argues that both are necessary. 

Formerly the Director of Policy Planning at the US State Department and Dean of Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, she currently is President and CEO of the New America Foundation. Foreign Policy named her one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers four years in a row. 

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