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New Speaker: Amazing Race-Winner Connor O'Leary

Like all Royce Carlton Speakers, Connor O'Leary is exclusively represented by Royce Carlton, Inc. for lectures and speaking engagements


Royce Carlton is proud to announce Connor O’Leary (Amazing Race-winner, Professional Cyclist, and Cancer Survivor) to our all-exclusive roster of speakers. 

Connor is the youngest winner in Amazing Race history. Having competed in season 22 of the show, he and his father had to exit mid-race due to an injury. They would return two seasons later, traveling over 23,000 miles through 22 cities and nine countries to win The Amazing Race All-Stars

However, this wasn't Connor's greatest challenge. Three days after his 19th birthday, Connor’s life did a complete 180. A professional cyclist at the top of his sport, he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer. One day he was racing in Europe, the next he was fighting for his life. It was a battle he would win, though, and Connor returned to biking at the top of his sport. 

Connor’s speeches can help audience members face their challenges, achieve their goals, and be inspired along the way. His programs include:

  • "The Amazing Story Behind The Amazing Race"
  • "Beat the Odds: A Survivor's Story"
  • "Focus is a Muscle"

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