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New Cold War, or New Reality? — New York Times’ David E. Sanger

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National Security Correspondent, New York Times

According to David Sanger, "It's easy to look at Russia's land grab in Ukraine, or China's increasing assertiveness in the Pacific, and conclude that the world is slipping back into cold war behavior. But that overlooks a key fact: the world has changed a lot in the past 25 years, and power doesn't flow the way it once did.

"Economic inter-dependency, the rise of a new middle class from Shanghai to Moscow, the ability of citizens to see how restive populations elsewhere in the world have altered their governments — all this changes the calculus for even the most autocratic regimes. The new reality is that while America may not be able to exert the power and influence it once did, Russia and China are facing new constraints as well — and new, smaller challengers." 

David Sanger, best-selling author of Confront and Conceal, takes his audiences on a tour of the new map of American influence, and of a world adjusting to the new flow of power. 

See Sanger discuss the Ukraine crisis with Tom Friedman on Charlie Rose.

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