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New Book and Speech: The Seventh Sense — Thinking at the Speed of Technology with Joshua Cooper Ramo
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The Seventh Sense is a concept every businessman, diplomat, or student should aspire to master.” — Walter Isaacson, author of Steve Jobs

We are living in an era of transformation. Not since the fall of the Roman Empire, the Industrial Revolution, and the Enlightenment have so many institutions been in danger of toppling. But what are the roots of this change and who are the ones getting ahead of it? 

Welcome to the Age of Networks. 

In his New York Times bestseller, The Seventh Sense, bestselling author Joshua Cooper Ramo finds the answer: when things are networked, they are fundamentally changed. From ISIS to the 2016 Election, Facebook to Airbnb, and the rise of China to fall of the middle class, Ramo draws a line connecting these seemingly disparate shifts and shows how their connection is changing the world. Those who see and understand these networks are thriving — an opportunity that is as terrifying as it is exciting — but with The Seventh Sense, you’ll be thinking at the speed of technology. 

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Vice Chairman and Co-CEO of Kissinger Associates, Joshua Cooper Ramo is a member of the board of directors of Starbucks and FedEx. A China expert and the international bestselling author of The Age of the Unthinkable, he puts forth a radical model for thriving in a world of uncertainty.

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