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Fighter Pilot Dan Hampton Honors Charles Lindbergh's Courageous Flight

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Dan Hampton’s new book, The Flight: Charles Lindbergh's 1927 Transatlantic Crossing, marks the 90th anniversary of Lindbergh’s pioneering flight from New York to Paris.  

Revealing the audacity and raw bravery necessary to attempt a feat that had already claimed six men’s lives, Hampton gives an in-the-cockpit account of Lindbergh’s dramatic 33½-hour solo flight over the Atlantic, and tells how it forever changed aviation.

One of the most decorated fighter pilots of all time, Dan Hampton is a kindred spirit to this American icon. Throughout his 20 years in the Air Force, Hampton flew with the Wild Weasels, the elite squadron whose sole mission is to fly behind enemy lines and make the skies safer for fellow pilots.

For his record number of strikes, Hampton earned a Purple Heart, four Distinguished Flying Crosses with Valor, and the distinction of being the most lethal F-16 Wild Weasel Pilot in American history. A New York Times bestselling author, Hampton’s autobiography, Viper Pilot, recounts his Air Force experiences, from earning wings to surviving combat. 

Hampton has offered his expertise on security and counterterrorism as a consultant for the U.S. government and allied governments. A frequent guest on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC discussing foreign affairs, military, aviation, and intelligence issues, he is currently CEO of MVI International, a private military company.