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Let's talk mental health

Let's Talk Mental Health

Image Kay Redfield Jamison is an international authority and researcher on mood disorders. Professor of Psychiatry at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Kay is the author of An Unquiet Mind, the best-selling classic that changed how we think about mental health. Speaking on the clinical and personal realities of depression and bipolar disorder, Dr. Jamison’s unique insight into the world of mental illness will encourage dialogue, empathy and hope.

“She did a marvelous job and the audience hung on every word.”  
– Mecklenburg Medical Alliance & Endowment


Image Jessie Close wants to end the stigma and misconceptions about mental illness. An ambassador for Bring Change to Mind, a not-for-profit organization founded by Jessie’s sister, actress Glenn Close, Jessie’s own struggle with bipolar disorder and alcoholism provides the backbone to a courageous story and enlightened perspective on the state of mental health in America.

“Her story was important for our attendees to hear, and it was helpful to frame the issues in real and personal ways.”  
– Rosalynn Carter Symposium on Mental Health Policy


Image Nancy Lublin is the founder and CEO of Crisis Text Line (CTL), the world’s first 24/7, free, text message-based support service for people facing a range of issues, from depression and substance abuse to eating disorders and physical abuse. Nancy explains how tech, big data analytics and A.I. can create things that change the world. Since 2013, CTL has processed 42 million messages, becoming the largest real-time mental health data set in the world.

“Oh my goodness, Nancy Lublin was amazing. Our attendees absolutely loved her. A perfect 10.”
 – Children's Mental Health Network