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Joshua Cooper Ramo on A.I., Connectivity, and Disruption


We’re living in a new age of networks and disruption, and according to Joshua Cooper Ramo, the great opportunity ahead is all about connection.

Surprising election results. Migration waves. ISIS. An unstable global economy. AI. Established institutions in jeopardy. What if they were all connected? What if you could understand why? Joshua Cooper Ramo examines the historic force shaking our world and explains how leaders, businesses, and each of us can master it.

Based on his years of advising CEOs, generals, and politicians, Ramo’s New York Times bestseller, The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks, takes us into the heart of the connectivity revolution and shows how it destroys the old order and creates winners and losers.

"You are what you are connected to,” says Ramo. “Networks are connected systems of any kind—for DNA, data, trade, finance. The seventh sense is an ability to see how networks change the logic of power—and what that means for our economics, our politics, and our security.”

Watch: Ramo on Charlie Rose.

His speaking topics include:

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Surviving in an Era of Disruption

Cultivating the Seventh Sense: An Essential Instinct for Success in an Age of Networks

Vice Chairman and Co-CEO of global advisory firm Kissinger Associates, Joshua Cooper Ramo is a member of the board of directors of Starbucks and FedEx. A China expert and the international bestselling author of The Age of the Unthinkable, he puts forth a radical model for thriving in a world of uncertainty.