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Introducing Rukmini Callimachi, NYTimes' ISIS reporter

Rukmini Callimachi began covering terrorism in 2013 when she found thousands of internal al-Qaeda documents in the city of Timbuktu, Mali, providing a window into the terror group’s operations. 

A New York Times foreign correspondent, Callimachi has become the go-to reporter on the stories behind the Islamic State. WIRED  magazine called her “arguably the best reporter on the most important beat in the world.”

Callimachi’s captivating journalism combines the complicated inner-workings of ISIS and Al-Qaeda with the very real and often brutal impact of terrorist groups. Rukmini’s dedication to investigative journalism, to politics, and to human rights has garnered her numerous awards, including three Pulitzer nominations and the “Integrity in Journalism” prize for her coverage of how ISIS systematically enslaved women from the Yazidi minority.

Watch: Integrity in Journalism Award

As a speaker, Rukmini takes us inside the perilous world on which she has reported, combining her meticulous and dangerous research in the field with many of her own photographs for a riveting, factual narrative steeped in history, intrigue, human tragedy and resilience.

Before joining the New York Times in 2014, Callimachi worked for the Portland bureau of the Associated Press (AP) where she reported on New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She covered 20 foreign countries for the AP and spent seven years in West Africa.