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How to Improve Your Effectiveness Through Neuroscience with Dr. Helen Fisher


Recently returning from her third TED talk at the TED Summit 2016, Dr. Helen Fisher has established herself as one of the pioneering neuroscientists of our time. With her groundbreaking discoveries in the biology of human personality, the anatomy of love, and the neurochemistry of leadership, Dr. Fisher shows audiences how understanding personality styles can improve how we innovate, sell and advertise, and build teams, relationships, and corporate boards.

One of Business Insider’s “15 most amazing women in science today,” Dr. Helen Fisher has a host of new topics that can increase your effectiveness, including:

  • Corporate Chemistry: How Different People Think and Work
  • The Neuroscience of Innovation
  • The Biology of Leadership
  • The Neuroscience of Teaching and Learning
  • The Brain in Love: The Neurochemistry of Romance, Sex, Slow Love, and Attachment
  • The Neuroscience of Advertising and Selling

The Chief Scientific Advisor for and the Co-Founder of NeuroColor, Dr. Fisher has developed The Fisher Temperament Inventory. Taken by over 14 million people in 40 countries, the Inventory is the first and only personality questionnaire built from and validated by neuroscience. Her discovery of the four basic biological styles of thinking and behaving — Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator — represents the biggest leap in personality tools in the last 100 years. Contact us to arrange for Dr. Helen Fisher to speak at your next event.