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How to Drive Change Using Tech & Big Data with Nancy Lublin

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Nancy Lublin, the CEO and Founder of the revolutionary non-profit Crisis Text Line, has a clear view of her organization: “We think of ourselves as a tech startup first and a mental health organization second.” 

According to LinkedIn Co-founder Reid Hoffman, “Few Silicon Valley start-ups achieve the sort of traction and transformative influence as quickly as Crisis Text Line has to date.” With innovation backed by big data and a startup mentality, Lublin has capitalized on her findings, leading to explosive growth that has brought her project to millions of people at an unprecedented speed. Since 2013, Crisis Text Line had processed over 18 million texts and expanded around the world, helping to launch a new industry centered around big data for social good. 

As she laid out in her TED Talk, Nancy Lublin (Founder, Dress for Success; former CEO, understood the power of her idea, the platform it needed, and how to get the most out of her team. To achieve high-impact performance, Lublin leveraged the data she received from users, determined where it was most effective, and scaled accordingly. 

In this speech, Nancy Lublin explains how to use tech and data to create things that change the world. Inspiring passion and purpose in your employees and customers, Lublin and Crisis Text Line have built a connection with users, an invaluable component for any business. This speech will help change the way you think about your enterprise and how to get the most out of it.

Watch Nancy Lublin's 2016 SIGNAL presentation for more on Crisis Text Line.  

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