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Global Trendspotting with Nader Mousavizadeh: The Year Ahead

For years Nader Mousavizadeh – advisor to some of the world’s leading corporations –has been spotting the big trends and hidden risks far ahead of the news.  

We are now seeing an acceleration of the forces of uncertainty and volatility that Mousavizadeh predicted in his July 2011 column for Reuters, “Welcome to the Archipelago World,” a world with less convergence and more divergence. “A fragmentation of power, capital and ideas is creating a new map of the world – with lasting implications for investors and policymakers alike.” 

In his September 2015 column The Weaponization of Everything,” he said that a new, dark form of globalization was emerging – “more contested, more contingent, more prone to shocks and shifts from unimagined sources…Finance, technology, energy, law, education, science, trade and travel have all been turned into weapons in a new form of warfare.” 

On November 14, 2016 Mousavizadeh said the election of Donald Trump represented “a material rupture in the macro environment,” a direct manifestation of the archipelago fragmentation thesis that he’s been talking about for the past six years.  

WATCH: Mousavizadeh on Uncertainty and Globalization 3.0

Nader is known for his deep analytical judgments about how companies and organizations can navigate the global shifts, risks and opportunities at the nexus of markets, politics, and policy. The former CEO of Oxford Analytica, he is Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Macro Advisory Partners.