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Gather Around The Table With Legendary Foodie Ruth Reichl

Food writer, editor, critic and judge on Top Chef Masters Ruth Reichl is a world class foodie.

As a colleague once said, Ruth’s “mission in life is to get people cooking again,” and she brings this aspiration to the stage, talking everything food – from some of her favorite dishes and recipes to problems of food waste and food policy to the universal bond derived from preparing and sharing a meal.  

“I can tell a lot about people by what they eat,” she said in an interview with the Times, “I can tell even more about them by what they cook." 

Reichl, whose prestigious career has spanned every form of food media, from magazines, books, and newspapers to TV, blogs, and podcasts, has garnered six James Beard Foundation Awards along the way.

The final Editor-in-Chief of Gourmet Magazine, Ruth is currently an editor-at-large for Random House and the editor of the very first Best American Food Writing of 2017. Beloved for her memoir Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table, her fifth memoir is due in 2018.