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Fareed Zakaria’s Take on Brexit and the Global Challenges of Our Time


The world doesn’t stop and neither does Fareed Zakaria. Each week in his Washington Post column and on his CNN show, Fareed Zakaria GPS, he helps us understand the political and economic developments that impact our lives. On Brexit, he had this to say: 

“The economic and political consequences of Brexit will become clearer in the weeks and months ahead. There is one lesson we can take from the Brexit referendum: We are now watching the emergence of a new political divide that is likely to shape the politics of the Western world for the next fifty years. 

On the one hand, there will be those who view an open world — globalization and technological change — as broadly beneficial. But others regard these forces as threatening and destructive. The latter want to have protections of varying kinds — sovereignty, tariffs, and border controls, among others — to make their countries great again.

But the larger struggle will go on, and the new politics of our age will be not left versus right, but open versus closed.” — See Fareed’s Take here.

From the future of the global economy to the Middle East, innovation, and the rise of China, Fareed Zakaria tackles the big ideas and challenges of our time. Esquire called him “the most influential foreign policy adviser of his generation.

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