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Maya Lin on Art, Architecture, & the Future of the Planet

Artist & Designer

Maya Lin is one of the rare few who has forged a path that includes both seminal art and architectural works as well as groundbreaking memorials. In her presentations, Lin discusses the processes behind some of her best-known works, such as the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, the Civil Rights Memorial, and the Women’s Table, and how the pursuit of both art and architecture has impacted her creative process.

“An Evening with Maya Lin, Environmental Artist”

In this new presentation, Lin focuses on the evolution of her work and how nature and the environment has shaped her entire aesthetic. She also will discuss her current exhibit, Ebb and Flow, and her memorial, What is Missing? – a multi-media piece focusing on the sixth mass extinction of species and how by protecting wildlife we can curb climate change.Winner of the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Maya Lin has permanent works in the National Gallery of Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and The Smithsonian Institution.

Musician & Activist Angélique Kidjo: Empowerment, Collaboration, Peace

World-class musician and humanitarian Angélique Kidjo is one of Africa’s most celebrated singers and an empowering voice for women’s rights, human rights, and social justice.  

With her infectious energy, her passion for performance, and her inspiring story, Angélique is truly a unique speaker as she seamlessly weaves singing into all of her speeches.

A creative force with three Grammy’s and thirteen albums to her name, Angélique is an enthusiastic collaborator, having worked with countless artists, including Alicia Keys, Bono, John Legend and Philip Glass. “I work with everyone who believes that music is the tool of peace,” says Angélique, “For me, music is the only form of art that connects the entire world.”  

A UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and OXFAM campaigner, Angélique is the co-founder of the Batonga Foundation, an organization that promotes secondary education for girls across Africa. She is also the recipient of the Crystal Award from the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Amnesty International “Ambassador of Conscience Award.”

Author Walter Mosley on writing, living & believing in America

One of America’s greatest novelists and outspoken social commentators, Walter Mosley is one of the most distinct yet eloquent voices on race and society in America.  

With a keen eye for the poetry and trepidation of the world, Walter has filled libraries with stories, essays, and ideas about what keeps us together and what drives us apart. 

Now available in paperback, his latest book, Charcoal Joe, continues this tradition. Returning to his most famous character, Easy Rawlins, Mosley delivers another politically aware mystery that examines a world of complicated morals.  

The author of more than 40 books, Mosley puts readers up close with society’s biggest issues. Named the first African American “Grand Master” by the Mystery Writers of America, he is the author of Devil in a Blue Dress and Folding the Red into the Black.