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White House Turmoil: What’s Next?

“The Trump presidency is a test. We’ll find out how strong our institutions are and, even more, whether this generation of leaders is worthy of our Founding Fathers…Abuse of power isn’t new. But the United States has survived intact because our institutions constrained presidential authority, and good men and women made sure the system worked. That’s how we’ll get out of this mess, too.” - David Ignatius, Washington Post Columnist  

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“Firing Comey may have accelerated the fire, not extinguished it. It’s easy to compare Trump to Richard Nixon, but another apt comparison lies in the path that brought Bill Clinton to impeachment. The lesson: one investigation leads to another.” - Evan Osnos, New Yorker Staff Writer 

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“There is reason to be deeply concerned about Comey’s firing, which has the effect of politicizing law enforcement -- a risky precedent in a rule-of-law democracy. And the fact that the FBI is investigating the Trump administration makes that politicization look like pure presidential self-interest.”- Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View Columnist, Harvard Law Professor

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