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Bestselling Author Walter Mosely, a man of letters

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Walter Mosley hasn’t slowed down since resurrecting Easy Rawlins last year. Recently honored at the National Black Writers Conference, he talked to NPR about the NBWC and his new play, Lift, premiering this month. Spring has certainly sprung for Walter Mosley. 

The NBWC honor solidifies Mosley as one of today's most powerful and prolific writers. Delivering smart fiction with political overtones, and social commentary that pops like narrative fiction, Mosley has defined the modern African American experience in such classics as Devil in a Blue Dress and Life Out of Context.

As in his writing, Mosley brings his narrative cadence and social insight to his speeches. With talks about literature, race, inspiration, and storytelling, Walter Mosley’s words challenge people to look at the world in a whole new way. 

Listen to his NPR interview here.

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