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Bestselling author Michael Mandelbaum and “The Road to Global Prosperity”

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“All readers will admire his firm grasp of economics and history, his startling analogies — for example, comparing the study of economics to the science of seismology — and his smooth, genial delivery of complex information." — Kirkus Reviews

Michael Mandelbaum’s latest book, The Road to Global Prosperity, puts the global economy under the microscope and explains how politics will shape its future. The Wall Street Journal called it "a concise, insightful and readable stock-taking of the state of globalization roughly five years after the financial crisis began." With his analysis of international securityfinancial stabilitythe politics of trade, and emerging markets, Mandelbaum continues to be, as The New York Times described him, "one of the country's leading public intellectuals.”

John Hopkins foreign policy specialist and bestselling author Michael Mandelbaum is a great explainer of the meaning and consequences of global developments and trends. One of Foreign Policy’s Top 100 Global Thinkers, he has penned 14 books, including the bestseller That Used to Be Us, co-written with Tom Friedman.

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