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Agents, Managers and Brokers for Speakers.
Available for Speaking Engagements: Michael Sandel (Justice, Harvard Political Philospher & Bestselling Author of What Money Can't Buy)

Like all Royce Carlton Speakers, Michael Sandel is exclusively represented by Royce Carlton, Inc. for lectures and speaking engagements.


“A good society requires a stronger sense of community and mutual responsibility than we often find in such societies...a greater emphasis on citizenship, civic virtues and the common good.”

In an election year, filled with partisanship, political distortion, and high emotion, how can we come together and have a conversation? Political philosopher and Harvard professor Michael Sandel has the answers. Arguing for a more robust public discourse that embraces moral and religious convictions and mutual respect, Sandel looks to rediscover the lost art of democratic debate. He believes that we should be nurturing and cultivating public discourse, which is good for people, businesses, governments, and the culture at large. 

Described by The Guardian as “the man who is currently the most effective communicator of ideas in English,” Michael Sandel challenges audiences to examine the ethical dilemmas we confront in politics and in our everyday lives. His legendary course "Justice" has enrolled over 15,000 students and was the first Harvard course to be made freely available online and on public television. In his speeches, Sandel looks at the big questions of politics, economics, and living a moral life, inviting people to join the conversation in a way rarely seen in modern times.

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