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Author Walter Mosley on writing, living & believing in America

One of America’s greatest novelists and outspoken social commentators, Walter Mosley is one of the most distinct yet eloquent voices on race and society in America.  

With a keen eye for the poetry and trepidation of the world, Walter has filled libraries with stories, essays, and ideas about what keeps us together and what drives us apart. 

Now available in paperback, his latest book, Charcoal Joe, continues this tradition. Returning to his most famous character, Easy Rawlins, Mosley delivers another politically aware mystery that examines a world of complicated morals.  

The author of more than 40 books, Mosley puts readers up close with society’s biggest issues. Named the first African American “Grand Master” by the Mystery Writers of America, he is the author of Devil in a Blue Dress and Folding the Red into the Black.