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Announcing Richard Stengel, MSNBC Commentator & Former Under Secretary of State

Every time you turn on the news lately, Rick Stengel is front and center, breaking down and demystifying the complexities of our time, from counterterrorism and public diplomacy to journalism and the future of media. 

Spending much of the last decade analyzing and making sense of the world as Managing Editor of TIME, he spent the past three years actually doing something about it as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy. 

Describing his State Dept. role as “Chief Marketing Officer of Brand USA,” Stengel brought public diplomacy into the 21st century, modernizing State’s communications and expanding the department’s digital footprint and presence on social media. Responding to the global rise in disinformation, Stengel led and directed the department-wide effort of counter-ISIS messaging and counter-Russian disinformation. 

A New York Time’s bestselling author, Stengel’s collaboration with Nelson Mandela produced his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, as well as Mandela’s Way about Rick’s experience working with the South African Leader. 

As Senior Adviser to Snapchat and MSNBC Commentator, Stengel keeps pace with technology and policy as he recommends ways that countries, companies, and individuals can navigate and adapt to the uncertainties ahead. He is a weekly guest on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams and appears regularly on Morning Joe and Andrea Mitchell Reports.