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Now Available: New Books on Healthy Living and Healthy Eating from RCI Speakers

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It all comes down to food, because healthy living starts with healthy eating. Whether you want to build stronger muscles or a stronger society, what's on the dinner plate matters. These new releases from RCI speakers will help you towards a lifestyle that can improve your body, family, and community. 


Jacques Pépin has taught many generations how to cook, having published 25 cookbooks and hosted 12 public television shows. But he also showed us that there's more to cooking than ingredients. With his latest cookbook and accompanying PBSseries, Heart and Soul in the Kitchen, Pépin exemplifies his own philosophy on cooking: a good meal is the tie that binds people together. Chef,


Restaurateur, and Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson wants to serve up more than creative takes on Southern cooking — he wants to make the world a better place. Through community-building projects, Hugh has taught children how to make tasty meals from the garden. His latest cookbook, The Broad Fork, puts his beliefs into practice, bridging the gap between healthy and delicious.


A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet, and no one knows this better than bestselling author and physician Dr. Andrew Weil. His latest cookbook, Fast Food, Good Food, offers hungry readers a chance to incorporate Dr. Weil's findings into quick and tasty meals. In his speeches, Dr. Weil shows audiences that eating well can be the best medicine for staying healthy.