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2017: Get Healthy, Get Happy, Get Focused



Get Healthy with Dr. Andrew Weil –Health and Wellness Pioneer

Are you already straying from your 2017 health goals? Stay on track with Dr. Andrew Weil, wellness icon and father of integrative medicine.

Director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Weil’s unique approach to health and wellness has inspired millions to lead healthier, happier lives. Among his bestselling books are Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, and True Food: Seasonable, Sustainable, Simple, Pure. TIME magazine named him one of “the world’s most influential people” and “one of the 25 most influential Americans.”


Get Happy Dr. Annie McKee –Founder, Teleos Leadership Institute • HBR Blogger

Want to be happier at work this year? Consider Annie McKee, executive coach and co-author of Resonant Leadership and Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence.

After extensive research, Dr. McKee has concluded, overwhelmingly, that happy people work harder­­ – and smarter. In her upcoming book, Being Happy at Work: The Power of Purpose, Hope, and Friendship, McKee reveals that happy workers share three commonalities: a clear vision, great relationships, and a sense of purpose.


Get Focused with Dr. Daniel Goleman –LinkedIn Influencer • Author, Emotional Intelligence

In this age of dizzying distractions nearly everyone is struggling for focus. Dr. Dan Goleman likens focus to a muscle, one that must be exercised and practiced regularly.

In his 2014 bestseller, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, Dr. Goleman argues that effective leaders demand a triple focus: on ourselves, on our relationships, and on the broader forces that shape society. Dr. Goleman’s “The Focused leader” won the 2013 HBR McKinsey Award, presented each year for the best article in Harvard Business Review.